Gum Treatments

A significant number of Americans have a form of gum condition. Gums are sensitive, and their condition directly affects oral health than cavities. Since most cases of gum problems can be painless, many people are unaware until it gets complicated. If untreated, it causes a variety of factors, including jaw deterioration, loss of teeth, pain, bad breath, and tender gums. Bacteria in the gums can also potentially affect other parts of the body, such as the kidneys, lungs, and heart.

Causes of Periodontitis

In most cases, plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, also known as periodontitis, and most oral problems. Our mouths are full of disease-causing microorganisms. The bacteria from the food we consume along with mucus and other components such as sugar and starch, interact with bacteria to form plaque in our teeth. It can be eliminated by brushing or flossing your teeth though it re-forms quickly. Plaque hardens within a few days to form tartar (also known as calculus), which can be difficult to remove by brushing. The only way to remove tartar is by seeing a dentist or a professional dental hygienist.

Plaque can lead to gingivitis – a mild gum condition that causes inflammation and irritation in the gum tissue around the base of your teeth. Good dental hygiene and medical assistance help reverse this condition. Continued inflammation of the gum causes the formation of pockets in your gums which harbor bacteria, plaque, and tartar. After some time, the gums become worse as more bacteria accumulate between your gums and teeth. If not treated, periodontitis can lead to the loss of tissue, bone, and teeth.

There are several other factors that contribute to the development of periodontitis. One of the most significant is smoking. Its continued use can also undermine gum treatment, causing more problems. Other risk factors are;
– Genetic susceptibility
– Dietary deficiencies e.g., Vitamin C
– certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS and its medication
– Drugs which lessen the flow of saliva
– Medical treatments such as chemotherapy
– Diabetes
– Hormonal changes in women & young girls including during pregnancy
– Bad habits such as Bruxism – grinding teeth


Gum disease can go unnoticed until it becomes complicated. Symptoms include;

– Bleeding gums when brushing
– Receding gums
– Loose or shifting teeth
– Formation of pockets between gums and teeth
– Persistent bad breath or taste in the mouth
– Red, swollen and sensitive gums

In some cases, you may not notice that you have a gum problem at all until you see a dentist. Make sure you see a dentist regularly.


Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry offers a variety of treatment options for periodontitis which may vary depending on the severity of your gum condition, general health, and your response to previous treatments. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments involved. Dr. Vanessa Wadden offers evaluation and treatment for periodontal disease as a part of our comprehensive oral health services for everyone living in Muscatine and its outskirts.


Professional cleaning – This is a simple procedure to eliminate tartar or plaque

Scaling and root planning – This is a form of deep cleaning where plaque or tartar is removed from below the gum line.


Flap surgery – Gums are lifted to the right position after tartar is removed.

Soft tissue grafts – Tissue, which is mostly extracted from the top of your mouth, is used to reinforce gums or fill in spaces.

Bone grafts – A dentist uses bone fragments to reconstruct bone destroyed by gum complications.

Bone surgery – Reshaping the tooth to smoothen shallow craters.

Guided tissue regeneration – Stimulation of tissue and bone growth when the bone supporting your teeth is destroyed. It is done simultaneously with flap surgery.

Why you should visit us

Our team, led by Dr. Vanessa Wadden, offers solutions to all your oral problems, including the treatment of periodontitis. During an exam, we check a variety of factors to determine the leading cause of a specific oral illness. For gum disease, we look for pocket depths between gums & teeth, inflammation, firmness, bleeding, teeth alignment, sensitivity, and teeth movement. The primary objective is to ensure that gums are healthy and a

re attached firmly to the teeth. Gum health is of primary concern at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry. Our team uses the latest medical equipment to treat and repair tissues. Our priorities go beyond creating bright white teeth – a great smile begins with healthy gums, so book an appointment with us today in our Muscatine offices.