Dental Fillings

Strong and healthy teeth boost your confidence and give you a comfortable bite. Small cavities are found on the surface of teeth or in between teeth. They provide a surface in which bacteria get lodged in. These cavities cause a lot of pain as they try to break through to the root of the tooth. Even with proper care, they weaken the structure of teeth. Tooth fillings repair, strengthen, and restore teeth that are damaged from fracture, wear, or decay. If not treated, the infection will worsen, causing unnecessary pain. Though most fillings have been made out of metal alloys, more composite fillings are being used. Dental Fillings at Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry are here to give you a cavity-free brighter and healthy smile. They are one of the common restorative solutions employed by Muscatine dentist, Dr. Vanessa Wadden.

Why you need dental fillings

Men and women from Muscatine and other parts of the world are constantly rushing to work, events, and more. This constant movement makes us come into contact with bacteria and other microorganisms that get stuck in our mouths. As bacteria proliferate, they produce harmful acids that damage the tooth’s enamel. This leads to the formation of cavities and several other dental problems. Once the pathogens get inside the tooth, more damage is caused gradually. If left untreated, the infection will cause more harm, which will require more complicated treatment procedures. A dental filling stops the spread of decay.

Signs you need fillings

A dental filling is a simple and quick procedure that can be done at any time, including workdays. Signs that you need a filling often go unnoticed until the problem becomes severe. Common signs are chips, cracks, different sizes or shapes of teeth, and cavities. Here are other signs which indicate that you need a filling.

– Pain is one of the common signs that indicate you have a dental problem. When the nerves inside the tooth get damaged by infection, you feel pain. This is an indication that you have a cavity that needs filling.

Tooth pain when chewing
– Feeling pain when you bite down food is an indication that you may need a filling. You feel pain when inside the tooth, also known as the pulp, is damaged.

– The nerves send pain signals in the form of hot or cold temperatures. It is often the case that your tooth has a cavity if it is sensitive to a change in temperature. Additionally, you will also feel pain when you consume sticky, sour, or sweet foods.

Black spots
– Black spots in the teeth indicate that it is damaged. While some cavities cannot be seen easily, some are visible in your mirror.

Torn floss
– If your dental floss always tears, it is a sign of a cavity, a bad filling, or a chip in the tooth.

Bad breath and taste in the mouth
– If infection or decay is allowed to grow, infected teeth begin to cause bad breath. On the other hand, the decay causes bad taste in the mouth.

Procedure for Tooth Fillings

The first step is to numb the affected area. Our doctors begin by eliminating the damaged part of the tooth caused by infection. After that, the filling material is installed until it hardens. Our doctors will then check whether the tooth bites and functions properly. The last step is to polish the filling to make the tooth as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

The use of fillings to treat cavities is an effective way to save teeth and prevent further complications. It promotes long term oral health and can last over 15 years. Here are a few benefits of tooth fillings.

– Repairs damaged teeth
– Will be useful in the long-term
– Today’s fillings match the aesthetics of natural teeth
– Modern fillings ca release fluoride
– Strengthens teeth with a weakened structure
– Prevent infection
– Improves tooth functionality
– Affordable solution to common dental problems
– Gives the teeth a natural appearance

We offer dental fillings and are equipped with state-of-the-art medical tools to meet all your dental needs. If you believe that fill

ings will benefit you or if you want to know more about our services, Dr. Vanessa Wadden encourages you to schedule a consultation at our office in Muscatine. If Dr. Vanessa Wadden determines that your teeth need filling, she will review the available options to provide the best service. Call us today to book your appointment.