Children’s Dental Fillings

At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry, one of our primary objectives is to lay a strong foundation of oral wellness, especially for our young patients. As specialists in dentistry, we provide dental care for everyone, including adults, adolescents, children, and infants in a child-friendly environment. We emphasize on regular checkups for both adults and children at least once every six months. No one wants to see their child in pain, especially if it is easily avoidable. Dental fillings are essential in preventing more damage.

Why your child may need fillings:

During a dental exam, Dr. Vanessa Wadden will assess the oral health of your child to identify cavities and other oral infections. By using the latest advanced imaging technology and conducting a tooth by tooth assessment, we can quickly identify the teeth affected. For a filling to be installed, the decay should not be too severe, or it would require a root canal. If not, the tooth can be restored using a filling. There are high cases of decay in children partly because of their love for sugary foods. Another reason is that children are more vulnerable to neglect good oral hygiene habits. Also, they would not notice dental problems easily until they get complicated. Apart from tooth cavities, children might need a filling if;

– The teeth are damaged from a dental emergency or trauma
– Root canal treatment
– Incorrect dental development
– Significant tooth discoloration

If your child is experiencing any of the above conditions, you must seek medical attention immediately. If left untreated, dental decay might cause more complicated dental problems. Some of the issues caused by cavities in children include;

– Damage to permanent teeth
– Mouth pain
– Disrupted speech development
– Advanced dental issues
– Low self-esteem
– Missed school
– Gum disease
– Poor grades
– Tooth loss
– Lack of sleep

Types of fillings for children:

There are two common types of direct fillings used in children. They are composite or white fillings and amalgam or silver fillings. Composite resin materials are also commonly used for adult teeth. They are the most widely used fillings because;

– In comparison to other temporary materials, it is functionally better and more durable.
– Its preparation is easier and quicker unlike amalgam (metal) fillings
– Aesthetically it feels, looks, and functions like normal teeth.
– Composite resin is suitable as fissure sealants for children’s permanent molar teeth. It minimizes the need for fillings and risk of decay in the future.

However, while white fillings are aesthetically pleasing, silver fillings are stronger. Composite fillings work best as small fillings and may not be suitable for every dental problem a child has. For larger cavities, amalgam fillings may be recommended. Our staff will determine the type of fillings ideal for your child and will discuss the alternatives before an informed decision is made.

How are children’s fillings placed inside the teeth?

As dentists with vast experience and expertise to assess and deal with young children, we understand the best way to handle dental problems in children. Before beginning the filling process, children are made to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. In some cases, the administration of nitrous oxide or pediatric oral sedation is required. The area affected is then made numb using a local anesthetic.
After sedation, we will eliminate decay using a drill to provide a clean surface for filling. The tooth is then prepared using acid etch, and a resin bonding material before the filling is installed. After hardening the filling, adjustments are made to restore the shape and position of the tooth. There are also advanced novel tools being introduced in the market, such as dental lasers, which can help detect decay. The advancement of technology in dentistry is making the use of lasers possible in treating infected cavities. This may gradually eliminate the need for aesthetics.

Dr. Vanessa Wadden and our experienced staff are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service and interacting with children in a loving manner to create a comfortable environment for them. There is no need to be afraid to bring your child for fillings. In fact,

it will prevent further complications. We employ modern anesthetics and medical equipment that require


the least possible drilling. We invite you to join our family and give us the opportunity to educate and nurture your child while providing quality dental care. If you live near Muscatine and your child needs medical attention, please contact us without hesitation