Benefits of Cerec Same Day Crowns

By Healthy Smiles

Jul 30, 2020

Benefits of Cerec Same-Day Crowns

The loss of your tooth or even a slight breaking of your tooth can bring a dramatic difference in your general appearance and confidence. It’s, therefore, vital to give priority to your oral health always.  In the recent past, there has been the introduction of tooth repairing and replacement methods for when they break or get cavities. Crowns are now a very common dental treatment, especially when your tooth has had significant damage.

A dentist will use a crown when the cavity is too large to fill or when the previously filled tooth shows signs of decay. Compared to fillings, crowns can offer more dental protection.  The traditional cerec dental crown method has long been used as the main tooth repair technique, though the method has many challenges. Same-day dental crowns can give you more benefits that are otherwise not provided by the traditional methods. Here are a few benefits of cerec same-day crowns.

They are Convenient

Traditional crown restoration involves several visits to the dentist. After the first visit, you’ll wait for two to three weeks so that your crown is milled and edged properly then visit the dentist.  For same day crowning, however, everything is done in a matter of hours, thus in a single visit to the dentist, you get your crown fixed. The dentists use state of the art software and technology that help them create a replica of your tooth in a few hours. You will never go for a single day without your perfect smile.  When waiting for traditional crowns, a patient often goes home with a temporary crown. The big problem is these temporary crowns are never fitting; therefore, they sometimes fall out. That may be discomforting and will really affect your eating. Some have even had to change their diets during the waiting period.No Hassle of Using Temporary Crowns

Same day cerec dental crowns, on the other hand, are attentive to the smallest details of the color, shape, and size of your teeth and are provided in a matter of hours. You will, therefore, not have to change any of your habits.

Preserve Your Existing tooth

Restoration in the traditional method usually takes a lot of uncomfortable tooth cuttings and drillings to remove a big part of your existing tooth. Traditional ones take time; thus, by using the temporary crowns that don’t fit, your tooth is exposed to more decay during the waiting period.  Same day cerec, however, focuses on the preservation of your tooth. The high-tech digital x-ray imaging takes all the details of the angles; thus, the replica made can easily fit. Since there are no waiting periods, your tooth is not exposed to further decay.

Quality Materials are Used

Temporary crowns are often made from cheap materials like plastic and metal. However, some of these materials easily shrink and are less aesthetic. Some people are also allergic to the metal used in temporary crowns.  The materials used in cerec crowns – porcelain and zirconia – are very much like the normal tooth’s enamel. As opposed to the less refined temporary crown materials that come with health issues, the materials are safe for you.

Same-Day Crowns are Strong

Some have had the notion that same day cerec dental crowns aren’t strong because they are made with less time and concentration. However, the notion is quite wrong since both the same day and traditional cerec methods are similar in the crown’s toughness.  The materials used for same-day crowns are almost the same as the components of the enamel. Some of those materials are even stronger than the natural enamel, boosting the tooth’s structural integrity.  To guarantee yourself the safety of your teeth, you need to take proper care of them. In case of any cracks or damages, it’s still easy to replace the enamel again on the same day.

Perfect Appearance

Both the traditional and same-day lab fabricated crowns are made to appear as natural as your teeth. The same-day crowns have an advantage since you’ll see the crown’s appearance even before restoration.

Fast Installation

When we talk about same-day crown restoration taking a single day, we mean just that. The digital imaging taken from your teeth is sent immediately to the production team. The team creates a good 3D model that is the exact shape and size of your tooth.  The created model is then sent to the milling machine, where the crown is created using that model. When the crown is finished, it’s immediately fitted to the tooth, and any necessary adjustments are made right there and then. After the crown is fully adjusted to perfection, it fits your tooth right away, and it’s bound over your tooth.

They are Cost-Effective

Although the traditional and same-day cost nearly the same, the same day is cost-effective in the long run. It has a longer life since it’s the exact fit. The costs of getting a temporary fix as you wait for the permanent ones are also not applicable on the same day.

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